Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why we should abandon the electoral college in favor of popular vote

The electoral college is a strange beast. For the most part, if a state votes majority for one party the state's delegate votes go to that candidate. New Hampshire and Nebraska actually will split the vote based on percentage of votes cast, but the remainder are a 'winner take all' system.

During the early days of the Union, news traveled slow. There was no Pony Express back in those days. News traveled at the rate that folks visited your area. You might have taken months to find out the Red Coats were occupying Boston, let alone the shots fired at Bunker Hill.

To consider this slow moving process, it makes sense to have a system that roughly guides the vote of a delegate who may act in the best interest of their people. However, since the days of President Lincoln, we have had an electrical means of communication to share information across the country and world. Even more so now, someone hiking in Rocky Mountain State Park may read a tweet of an event occurring in the South China Sea before the President of the United States is passed a note during a meeting.

The plethora of information that is available to any one person at any time for the purpose of discovery and understanding of what a potential leader thinks should be done has never been more widespread and pervasive than it has been in our thousands of years of shared human knowledge. Our electorate has the ability to be informed, even if it is an unreliable source of news, and they are literate. The fact is they have information that they can derive a decision from and will make an decision from the source of their choosing.
As much as I would like to make decisions in the best interest of the people, I think the time has finally come to allow the people to make the decision, as a whole, to choose the President and Vice President of these United States of America.

(I need to write more but I don't have much time - I wrote this waiting at the pharmacy.)

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