Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some Suggestions for the Dating Apps

Just a few ideas to share...

I went to chat a Smart Water demo gal at the store who looked super bored at her little booth. I thought she was attractive and I figured I could use the practice regardless. As soon as I heard her voice I wanted to just act like I was walking by, but I took the coupon she offered and bought two bottles. This made me realize that it would be nice to hear someone's voice before making that decision to throw down a couple lines in chat if we matched.

There are so many factors that go into play for someone to make a choice of selecting to pursue a person. The visual certainly works, the last gal that I was pursuing had selected me by Quickmatch on OkCupid. She didn't even know that you could tap the picture to flip through. She hadn't answered any questions other than the few that the site first asks. We chatted for a week through the messenger on the site and her friends pressed her to ask me to dinner before the day I had planned to. We met and hit it off. Things didn't work out, but the point of the story is that the visual aspect is powerful.

Something else that I have found to be interesting is how a person moves. My OkCupid match had a couple of different walks, looks, and other small movements that just drove me wild about her. There is an app called Phhhoto that takes several images in succession and puts them together for a GIF or will convert to video for Instagram upload. If you check it out or are already familiar with it, the image is just a second or two long. What would also be nice is to have the ability to use those for profiles or to have a short video clip like the Vines of Twitter yesteryear.

Music choice via Spotify and Instagram are already linked to Tinder and OkCupid profiles, but limiting on media type would probably help. Users already upload Snapchat pictures. Just more fun to be had with GIF and video.

Additionally, it could be used to help prove that someone is real. I had a conversation with a friend last night who is a pilot and he said that women didn't believe he was real.

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