Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post-Santa Gift Giving Change?

I just had a fun little conversation with my kids following a proposition I tossed their way. I will also say that they heard the "true" story of Santa Clause a few days ago. For anyone that has known me for awhile, they probably have an idea for how this conversation may have gone.

Given their new found understanding of the world, it occurred to me that perhaps I could con them into accepting not receiving presents on Christmas, but every month on their birthday. This means Matthew would receive a gift every 6th of the month and Ella every 23rd of the month. This is in contrast to receiving gifts only on their normal birthday and Christmas.

Naturally, the idea of receiving gifts every month enticed their little minds. Yet, I was taken quite aback by what followed next. Despite everything they now know about the Christmas holiday, they very much wanted to still receive presents on Christmas. I even pointed out how close to Christmas they would be receiving gifts. Ella, just a few days before and Matthew just two weeks or so following and a few weeks previous. They were just downright adamant that they wanted to still receive gifts on Christmas specifically. There was just no convincing them. I told them to sleep on it and we would discuss it in the morning, then bid them goodnight. They were laughing at the very prospect and we all enjoyed our little back and forth on it.

I kept thinking, though, who would really benefit here? Let us actually think of the economics of this. Pretend that we spend $600 per child on Christmas and birthday presents. If you split that up evenly across the year, you have $50 per month. I don't know about you, but I already spend a bit of money each month doting on the kids in one form or another. I think the parents would really win out if we could somehow knock our spending down to something paltry like $50 a month. Every month, just one more thing. Maybe splurge for two $50 gifts for birthday and an extra $50 gift for Christmas. Perhaps that could reduce your costs in the long run.

Regardless of what you think you would actually like to do, pose the question to your kids to see what their little minds might think up. Mine liked the idea of gifts every month, but not the loss of Christmas, despite knowing the "truth" about Santa Clause.

Enjoy your holiday season!

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