Saturday, October 8, 2016

Perception is Reality

I have heard about how love is fake and that our reality is a hologram crap recently. Ya, I can't test that we live in a hologram, but I can't test that this is just a recalled memory either. The hypothesis requires some sort of basis for a test, if you can't test aspects of it, then it isn't a fully developed idea that you should be carrying on about.

I digress, back to love. Love is this feeling that we associate with having with people, critters, or things that we really, really, really like. Yet, when do we actually experience it? This article is a school paper that delves into the concept, "Love: A Biological, Psychological, and Philosophical Study". 

In the paper, you will see about all the biological processes that take place. For some people, they begin to dismiss love as not being real because it is something tangible now. These chemicals that are flowing about and we have the ability to manipulate chemicals. To me, this thought might have something to do with the intangibility of God, gods, deities, mythological creatures, Santa, la chupacabra, etcetera. We are often told from youth that these are real concepts and that you feel their presence. 

Then, you find out about the chemicals. Suddenly, the tangibility and our dominance over chemicals taint our belief in love. What many fail to realize is that our entire perception of our reality is due to chemical processes in our body. Your ability to see this text is a result of chemical processes. The touch of your finger on your skin and the giddiness that you feel from love is all chemically driven.

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What I am trying to say is that love is just as real as the pizza you eat or cut on a finger. You perceive them chemically and that is our reality.

Long live love!

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