Saturday, December 9, 2006

3 Waves: Life - Knowledge - Expression

Written Monday, November 27, 2006

The pursuit of life, knowledge, and expression, as defined herein, should lead to a new age in the history of the Human species. These pursuits are essential to the continuation of the species. They are essential factors that make us 'Human'. Without these, our humanity is lost. No Human should be deprived of these three essential factors. Deprivation of these is a crime against humanity.

The pursuit of Life can be found in many facets of day to day activities. Anything dealing with the betterment of Life, for any species, can be categorized within. Social careers, environmental protection, religion, community miscellaneous, health, travel, many more apply.

The pursuit of Knowledge is always occurring. Everything a person does results in some level of gained knowledge.

The pursuit of Expression is essential for everybody. To express the thoughts, fears, beliefs, and desires of a person allows a person to feel relief, freedom, accomplishment, and satisfaction.

The pursuit of the 3 Waves must not interfere with the rights of a person in so that the act of the pursuit does not benefit Humanity as a whole. This falls under the Wave of Life.

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