Saturday, December 9, 2006

Evaluating Race

Written Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Race is a product of the Human affinity to categorize everything. It defines a group of people with similar physical characteristics. Now, some would argue that race is non-existent. That it was created purely by socio-political means. They are partially right. The socio-political definition of race means that if you are remotely any sort of race other than Caucasian that is what you are (at least in the United States). That is not or should not be what race is. Race is common physical characteristics of a group of people. Please note that characteristics is plural. That means that arguing we should describe by 'hair color' to define race is not going against what I am saying.

Looking Ahead: Enterprise vs. Open source mentality

Written Monday, December 4, 2006

Getting away from Homo sapien, in the future I would like to talk about corporate vs. open source culture. What makes the difference in the two types of people? Do corporate cultured thrive for power and wealth and the open source for knowledge and freedom? I think there is a difference, and I would like to think more into it.

Defining Human

Written Monday, December 4, 2006

Human refers to the common name of the species Homo sapien. Now, what would the next species of Homo be? More than likely we won't speciate or if we do it would not be physically apparent for the changes would have occurred internally, with the primary changes being in the nervous system. Even if we don't speciate, I think we will see changes in the H. sapien nervous system

Referring to 'We'

Written Wednesday, November 29, 2006

As I was putting my stuff away, I thought of who I refer to as 'we'. I realized I separate myself from my brain. It is more like the person of me and the person of my brain. I say it to myself when I think. I say thinks like, "OK. We need to come up with something." Is that weird? It is not split personality, just split thinking.

Why am I doing this?

Written Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why am I doing this? What drives me to make this structure? I feel alienated as a without religion. I will never believe in the higher power of god like being(s). No individual of any species deserves worship. Do I create this thought structure in an attempt to feel the power of believing in something? Even if there is no higher power in this structure for which I could believe, will it make me feel as a part of H. sapien species? Will I continue to feel separate? Will I be brushed aside like those of Scientology? As believing in this thought structure of no superior, will I be accepted at some level? Will others practice as I do? or rather not practice, but more like think as I will/do? And yet still I wonder, why?

The meaning of Human

Written Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In Monday's writing I spoke of species and humans. Yesterday I had the thought of what it means to be human, or rather the question of. As of now human refers to Home sapien, but what if we begin to speciate? Would these new species be Human? I imagine if that since to be a new species means that reproduction between them is not possible then, they must not be Human. Yet, if reproduction is not possible, but our physical features are similar, that is then that we could all be Human as far as emotions, mental capabilities, and affinity goes. Human becomes then a way of being, thinking, or behaving rather than of or as. We have the term humane which is behaving as a good Human person. There may be actual definitions to these words, but they have more of a philosophical definition. Defining a word of being will help one to more clearly create this thought structure.

3 Waves fit in where?

Written Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The 3 Waves fit with many different thoughts. What we need is a much larger structure to place other thoughts in. The 3 Waves should perhaps be a base to a much larger thought or perhaps, even, 3 Waves be the larger thought with many structures based off of it.

We as in Me

I forgot to mention that generally when I say 'we', I really mean 'me'. It isn't that I missed typed, mis-wrote, or even that I wrote out of context. I, for some reason or another, actually think of myself as two people. One is my mind, the other is myself. I know, I am a strange, strange person.

This does not mean that I have split personalities. I just think of myself as two, instead of one.

3 Waves: Life - Knowledge - Expression

Written Monday, November 27, 2006

The pursuit of life, knowledge, and expression, as defined herein, should lead to a new age in the history of the Human species. These pursuits are essential to the continuation of the species. They are essential factors that make us 'Human'. Without these, our humanity is lost. No Human should be deprived of these three essential factors. Deprivation of these is a crime against humanity.

The pursuit of Life can be found in many facets of day to day activities. Anything dealing with the betterment of Life, for any species, can be categorized within. Social careers, environmental protection, religion, community miscellaneous, health, travel, many more apply.

The pursuit of Knowledge is always occurring. Everything a person does results in some level of gained knowledge.

The pursuit of Expression is essential for everybody. To express the thoughts, fears, beliefs, and desires of a person allows a person to feel relief, freedom, accomplishment, and satisfaction.

The pursuit of the 3 Waves must not interfere with the rights of a person in so that the act of the pursuit does not benefit Humanity as a whole. This falls under the Wave of Life.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Upcoming Posts

I'm going to be posting some writings I have done over the last couple of weeks on just whatever I was thinking at the time. None of my thoughts are solid and concrete, and they will change overtime. I will be putting in the actual date of writing to give some sort of perspective in the days I do mention.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

How I Picked the Name

I suppose that the first post of this blog should be an explanation of the name that I picked. In most computer languages, curly braces, { and }, show where the logic of the program or sub-routine is located. Omni means 'all'. Putting the two together creates 'All Logic'. So, if ever you find yourself mentioning this blog, please refer to it as 'All Logic'.